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Does Low Power Mode Charge Slower

Are you wondering if your iPhone charges slower while in Low Power Mode? Check out this informative blog post breaking down the facts and myths surrounding this commonly asked question.

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed your iPhone charged up quickly but you were only left with a few percentage points in your battery? Turning on Low Power Mode seems like the obvious solution at this point.

However, many people tend to wonder whether using Low Power Mode affects the charging speed of their iPhone. We cannot deny that this is a widely attempted myth that the internet has spread, leading to many people being confused about the charging capabilities of their iOS devices.

In the following sections, we will thoroughly examine and dispel this popular belief, and help you understand everything about whether Low Power Mode slows down the charging process.

What is Low Power Mode?

Low Power Mode is a feature designed to extend your iPhone’s battery life in times of dire need. When activated, it reduces the iPhone’s power consumption. Low Power Mode achieves this effect through various methods, such as reducing brightness levels, disabling certain features, and even throttling CPU performance.

When enabled, you can still use your iPhone to make phone calls, send messages and surf the internet, but you may find that certain high-performance tasks take a bit longer, or some features may not work as well as they normally do.

How does charging work?

Before we jump into whether Low Power Mode slows down charging or not, we need to have a basic understanding of charging itself. Charging your iPhone involves passing electrical current through a cable into your device’s battery, which enables it to store power for further use.

The amount of current passing through the cable depends on the charger’s current output, which is measured in Amperes (A). The more current the charger can output, the faster your iPhone can potentially charge.

Does Low Power Mode Charge Slower?

Now, the million-dollar question – does Low Power Mode charge your iPhone slower? The answer is no, it shouldn’t. Low Power Mode does not slow down the charging process or limit the amount of power your iPhone receives, but it restricts the amount of power that your iPhone consumes.

Charging is one such process that falls under the “consumption” category. Once plugged in, your iPhone draws as much power as it needs to charge its battery, regardless of whether Low Power Mode is enabled or not.

Does Low Power Mode affect battery health?

While Low Power Mode does not slow down charging, it does not extend your device’s battery life; instead, it simply delays the inevitable when it comes to running out of battery. Apple is aware that most users will undoubtedly use Low Power Mode when their battery life is critically low.

As a result, Apple recommends turning off Low Power Mode once your phone is charged up to a sufficient amount. Use it as a temporary solution to save on battery life, rather than something you keep switching on and off to extend the life of your battery.

Battery tips to improve the life of your battery

Here are some battery-saving tips that you can use to prolong your iPhone’s battery life and reduce the need for Low Power Mode:

  • Reduce Screen Brightness: High screen brightness consumes a lot of battery life. Always lower the screen brightness to save battery life.
  • Turn off Push Notifications: Push notifications not only drain your phone’s battery but also can be annoying. It’s best to disable and manually check your apps for updates.
  • Update your phone: Regular software updates help improve your iPhone’s battery life and performance.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Never expose your iPhone to extreme hot or cold temperatures. High temperatures speed up battery degradation, while low temperatures impact battery performance.

Does using a third-party charger affect charging speed?

Charging speed can also be affected by the charger you are using. Generally, third-party chargers may not provide sufficient current output, which can result in slower charging speeds. When it comes to charging your iPhone, we recommend using Apple’s official chargers or even certified chargers from reputable brands, such as Anker, Belkin, and Mophie.


To wrap it up, Low Power Mode does not affect the charging speed of your iPhone. While it can prolong battery life in times of need, you should avoid using it continuously, as it can affect your iPhone’s overall performance.

In addition, you should take care of your battery by following some of the tips mentioned in this post, such as avoiding extreme temperatures and turning off push notifications. When charging your iPhone, always use a certified charger to ensure maximum charging speeds.

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